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Parent. Educator. Candidate for a better US. 

Brandon "B.M." Towns is a 31-year old candidate for Mentor Exempted Village Board of Education in 2021. Brandon is a Central Ohio native who lives in Mentor-on-the-Lake with his wife, Tristyn, and their two girls, Ruby and Rosalie. A lifelong Ohio resident, Brandon earned a B.S. in Biology and a Master's in Education from the University of Dayton. Currently , he is finishing his dissertation in Urban Education from Cleveland State. 


Brandon has taught in schools across the State of Ohio. In 2012, Brandon started teaching in Dayton Public Schools. After meeting his wife and moving to Mentor, Ohio, Brandon spent two years teaching in Twinsburg before entering school administration in the Cleveland Metro School District. Currently, Brandon is an assistant principal in Cleveland Heights. No new candidate for Mentor School Board has this type of experience.


With this devotion for children and schools, elected office was the next best way for Brandon to give back to his community. Brandon was inspired by the social and political conditions that have evolved over the past few years and felt called to join current community members and leaders to work for justice and equality in our backyard. This desire led Brandon to organize the Mentor Racial Justice Week to engage our community in promoting justice, creating sustainable change, and ensuring that all community members are safe and respected. 


As a part of some very successful and challenging school systems, Brandon understands the power of dialogue and the importance of passion for helping children learn and grow. While educating children is an extremely complicated endeavor, high-quality education begins with great teachers. However, teachers can't do it alone; students need health and wellness supports, a balanced school budget, a robust local economy, excellent law enforcement, and a deep commitment to justice and equality. Brandon is committed to sustaining each of these elements to help the Mentor Exempted Village Board of Education work better for US- all of us.

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